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年鉴中文名: 甘肃发展年鉴


年鉴年份: 2016

责任说明: 包东红,刘克明 主编

主编单位: 《甘肃发展年鉴》编委会

出版日期: 2016.10

页数: 800

人民币定价(元): 380.00

内容简介: 一、《甘肃发展年鉴》是由甘肃发展年鉴编委会编纂,中国统计出版社出版,国内外公开发行的大型综合性年刊。它以大量翔实可靠的资料,全面记载了甘肃政治、经济、法律及社会发展情况,是各级党政领导、经济管理部门、企事业单位、科研部门和中外投资者了解省情、市情、县情,进行科学决策、咨询和研究的重要工具书。 二、本年鉴是创刊以来的第七卷,全部为中英文对照版并配有电子版,主要记载2015年甘肃经济社会发展情况,统 ...

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一、《甘肃发展年鉴》是由甘肃发展年鉴编委会编纂,中国统计出版社出版,国内外公开发行的大型综合性年刊。它以大量翔实可靠的资料,全面记载了甘肃政治、经济、法律及社会发展情况,是各级党政领导、经济管理部门、企事业单位、科研部门和中外投资者了解省情、市情、县情,进行科学决策、咨询和研究的重要工具书。 二、本年鉴是创刊以来的第七卷,全部为中英文对照版并配有电子版,主要记载2015年甘肃经济社会发展情况,统计资料在时间上有所上溯。 三、本年鉴共分为两部分:第一部分共设13个篇目,包括特载、大事记、概况、政治、法制、国民经济、建设测绘、交通通信邮政、财政金融、经济管理、社会事业、人民生活、地县概况;第二部分共设22个篇章,包括综合、人口、国民经济核算、就业和工资、价格、人民生活、财政和金融业、资源和环境、能源、固定资产投资、对外经济贸易、农业、工业、建筑业、批发和零售业、住宿、餐饮业和旅游、运输和邮电、教育和科学技术、卫生、社会服务和社会保障、文化和体育、城市、民族自治地方。为方便读者使用资料,统计资料各篇前附有简要说明,篇末附有主要统计指标解释。 四、本年鉴的体例分为篇目、分目和条目三个层次,以条目为基本结构单元。条目标题均用黑体字加【】。 五、与2015年版《甘肃发展年鉴》相比较,本年年鉴在内容上主要做了如下修订:总体遵循“综合+人口+经济+社会+区域”的原则,对年鉴22个篇章的顺序进行了全面调整;能源部分增加重点耗能企业单位产品能源消费统计表;工业部分增加股份合作企业分类,企业规模中增加微型企业分类;调整了金融机构人民币、本外币及外汇信贷资金平衡表的相关统计指标;增加民族自治地方历年主要统计指标;根据最新统计报表制度对人民生活等篇章的内容及相关统计指标进行了调整。 六、由于统计制度方法改革,有些统计指标的口径、包括范围和计算方法有所变化,使用时请注意。文稿中的数据由各单位提供,部分为初步统计数,如与统计表中不一致,以统计表为准。 七、本年鉴中所使用的度量衡单位均采用国际统一标准计量单位;部分数据合计数或相对数由于单位取舍不同而产生的计算误差,均未做机械调整。 八、符号使用说明:年鉴各表中的“空格”表示该项统计指标数据不足本表最小单位数、数据不详或无该项数据;“#”表示其中的主要项;“*”或“①”表示本表下有注解。 本年鉴的编辑出版,得到省直各部门和有关企业事业单位的大力支持,我们对此表示诚挚的谢意! Ⅰ.Gansu Development Yearbook,edited by the Gansu development yearbook editorial board and published by china statistics press,is a large-scale domestic and international public offering comprehensive annual publication.It records comprehensively Gansu political,economic,legal and social development situation by the large amount of reliable data,and is an important tool to understand the situation of the province,city,county and conduct a scientific decision-making,consult and research for every level party and government leaders,economic management department,enterprise and public institution,research departments and domestic and foreign investors. Ⅱ.The yearbook is the seventh volume since founded,which is all the in Chinese-English and equipped with electronic version,records mainly Gansu economic and social development situation in 2015,but its statistics materials have traced back in time. Ⅲ.The yearbook contains the following two parts:The first part contains special set,memorabilia,overview,politics,legal,national economy,construction and mapping,transport,communication and post,government finance and financial,economy management,social undertaking,people's livelihood and county profiles 13 contents.The second part contains total 22 sections and chapters: General Survey;Population;National Accounts;Employment and Wages;Prices;People's Living Conditions;Government Finance and Financial Intermediation; Resources and Environment;Energy;Investment in Fixed Assets;Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation;Agriculture;Industry;Construction;Wholesale and Retail Trades;Hotels,Catering Services and Tourism;Transport,Postal and Telecommunication Services;Education & Science and Technology;Public Health,Social Services and Social Security;Culture and Sports;City;Ethnic Minority Autonomous Area.For the convenience of using information for the readers,statistics have a brief introduction at the beginning of each part.In addition,explanatory notes on main statistical indicators are provided at the end of each part. Ⅳ.The yearbook style is divided into contents,subhead and entry three levels,and entry as the basic structural unit.The entry titles are in bold and add 【】. Ⅴ.In comparison with Gansu Development Yearbook-2015,following amendments were mainly made in content of this yearbook:Overall follow the principle of "general survey & population & economy & society & region",the order of the 22 chapters of the yearbook was comprehensive adjusted.The chapter of "Energy" is added the statistical table of energy consumption of per unit of product for key energy-consuming enterprises.The chapter of "Industry" is added the classification of stock cooperative enterprises,added the classification of micro-enterprise in enterprise size.Adjusted the relevant statistical indicators of the table of "Currency Balance Sheet of Financial Institutions' Renminbi,Foreign Exchange,Foreign Exchange Credit".Increased the main statistical indicators of ethnic minority autonomous area over the years.According to the latest statistical reporting system,the contents and related statistical indicators of the chapter of people's lives and other chapters is adjusted. Ⅵ.As the methods of statistical system reform,some of the caliber of statistical indicators,including the scope and computational method change and please note that when used.The presentation data is provided by the units and some are preliminary statistics,if they does not accord with the statistical tables to tables shall prevail. Ⅶ.The units of measurement used in this yearbook are internationally standard measurement units,statistical discrepancies on totals and relative figures due to rounding are not adjusted in the Yearbook. Ⅷ.Notations used in the yearbook:(blank space) indicates that the figure is not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table,or data are unknown,or are not available;“#”indicates a major breakdown of the total;and“*”or“①”indicates footnotes at the end of the table. The edit and publishing of Yearbook were strongly supported by the departments under the provincial leadership,relevant enterprises and public institutions.We express our sincere thanks!