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年鉴中文名: 杭州统计年鉴


年鉴年份: 2016

责任说明: 杜国忠,沈国良 主编

主编单位: 杭州市统计局;国家统计局杭州调查队;杭州市社会经济调查局

出版日期: 2016.08

页数: 401

人民币定价(元): 300.00

内容简介: 一、《杭州统计年鉴-2016》是一部信息密集的资料性年刊。本年鉴系统收集了全市和各区、县(市)2015年经济和社会各方面的统计数据,以及多个重要历史年份和近年全市主要统计数据。 二、本年鉴分为13个篇章:综合;人口和就业人员;农业;工业、能源;建筑业;交通运输、邮电;固定资产投资;国内贸易;对外经济、旅游;财政、金融、保险;城市建设、环境保护;科技、教育、文化、卫生、体育;人民生活、物价、民政 ...

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一、《杭州统计年鉴-2016》是一部信息密集的资料性年刊。本年鉴系统收集了全市和各区、县(市)2015年经济和社会各方面的统计数据,以及多个重要历史年份和近年全市主要统计数据。 二、本年鉴分为13个篇章:综合;人口和就业人员;农业;工业、能源;建筑业;交通运输、邮电;固定资产投资;国内贸易;对外经济、旅游;财政、金融、保险;城市建设、环境保护;科技、教育、文化、卫生、体育;人民生活、物价、民政。为便于读者使用,各篇章附有简要说明和主要统计指标解释。 三、本年鉴辑中涉及到历史数据,均以最新出版的本年鉴数据为准;本年鉴中部分数据合计数或相对数由于单位取舍不同而产生的计算误差,均未做机械调整。 四、2001年起,萧山、余杭撤市建区,市区数据含萧山、余杭区;2014年起富阳撤市建区,市区数据包括富阳区在内。 五、本年鉴表中符号使用说明:“-”表示这一栏没有数字;“…”表示该数字不足本表最小计量单位;“#”表示其中的主要项;“空格”表示该项统计数据不详或无该项数据;“”表示表下有注解。 六、本年鉴所使用的度量衡单位均采用国际统一标准计量单位,金额除特别标明外,均以人民币计量。 七、与2015年版《杭州统计年鉴》相比较,本年鉴在篇章结构和内容上主要做了以下修订:在《国民经济和社会发展统计公报》中增加了“十二五”时期发展情况;第一篇增加了反映分区、县(市)主要年份地区生产总值、第一产业增加值、第二产业增加值、第三产业增加值、工业增加值5张数据表式;第二篇非农业人口调整为城镇人口;第三篇增加了2010-2015年农村基本情况;第四篇增加了分区、县(市)规上工业增加值、规上工业能源购进消费与库存统计表式;第五篇增加了2008-2015年全市具有资质等级建筑业企业主要生产经营指标统计表;第六篇增加了2010-2015年全市运输线路长度统计表;第七篇增加了2003-2015年分地区固定资产投资;第九篇增加了2000-2015年分地区外贸进出口总值统计表;第十篇增加了2010-2015年全市分税种支出科目财政支出情况;第十二篇增加了2007-2015年专利申请与授权情况、全市2000-2015文化事业单位数、医院诊疗次数和入院次数3张统计表。行业分类采用2011年版行业分类标准。根据最新统计报表制度对个别专业内容及相关统计指标进行了调整。 八、《杭州统计年鉴》公开出版以来,受到了社会各界的关心和支持,对此我们深表谢意。限于我们的水平,欢迎广大读者继续对年鉴的不足之处给予批评和指正,为帮助我们进一步提高统计年鉴的编辑工作,以期更好地为广大读者服务(网址:。 Ⅰ.Hangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2016 is an informative annuals that covers comprehensive data series ofHangzhou's social and economic development.Which contains very comprehensive statistics of Hangzhou's social andeconomic development in 2015.It covers Hangzhou's data in recent years and some historically important years. Ⅱ.The Yearbook contains 13 chapters:1.General Survey;2.Population and Employment;3.Agricul-ture;4.Industry and Energy;5.Construction;6.Transportation,Post and Telecommunications;7.Invest-ment in Fixed Assets;8.Domestic Trade;9.Foreign Economic Cooperation and Tourism;10.Finance,Bank-ing and Insurance;11.Urban Construction and Environmental Protection;12.Science and Technology,Educa-tion,Culture,Public Health and Sports;13.People's Livelihood,Price Indices and Civil Administration.Tofacilitate readers,each chaper provides brief introduction and explanatory notes on main statistical indicators. Ⅲ.Please refer to the newly published version of the Yearbook for updated historical data.Statistical dis-crepancies on totals and relative figures due to rounding are not adjusted in the Yearbook. Ⅳ.Because of the change of urban administrative division,the data of Xiaoshan District and Yuhang Districthave been included into the urban districts since 2001,and it is the same with Fuyang District since 2014. Ⅴ.Notations used in this book:"--" indicates that the column has no figure;"…" indicates that the figureis not large enough to be measured with the smallest unit in the table;"blank space" indicates that the date are un-known,or are not available;"#"indicates the major items of the total;"*"indicates"see footnotes below". Ⅵ.The international standard unit of measurement is applied in this book,all amounts are denominated inRMB,except those with special notes. Ⅶ.In comparison with Hangzhou Statistical Yearbook 2015,following revisions have been made in this newversion in terms of the statistical contents and editing:Contents of Statistical Communique of Hangzhou on the 2015National Economic and Social Development are added reflecting the situation of 12~(th) Five-Year Plan Period.The1 chapter added five statistical tables,such as Gross Domestic Product by Region(Main Years),Value Added ofPrimary Industry by Region(Main Years),Value Added of Secondary Industry by Region(Main Years),ValueAdded of Tertiary Industry by Region(Main Years),Value Added of Industry by Region(Main Years) and so onThe 2 chapter of " Non-agriculture Population" is Changed with " Urban Population".The 3 chapter is add-ed reflecting basic situations of rural areas(2010-2015).The 4 chapter is added reflecting added value of in-dustrial enterprises above designated size by region and purchasing,consuming and stocking of energy in industrialenterprises above designated size.The 5 chapter is added reflecting major economic indicators of construction en-terprises having class(2008-2015).The 6 chapter is added reflecting length of transportation routes.The 7chapter is added reflecting investment in fixed assets by region(main years).The 9 chapter is added reflecting im-ports and exports by region.The 10 chapter is added reflecting local public financial budgetary expenditure by taxand expenditure account.The 12 chapter added three statistical tables,such as.Patent Application and Authori-zation(2007-2015),Number of Hospital Patients and so on.The 2011's edition of standard industrial classifica-tions is applied in this Yearbook.According to the new statistical report system,a few contents and indicators areadjusted. Ⅷ.Since published openly,Previous Editions of Hangzhou Statistics Yearbook have enjoyed wide concern andsupport;and we express heartfelt thanks.In order to get further improvement in the yearbook editing,we welcome allcandid comments and criticism from our readers(website: